5Pcs/lot Beard Comb Hairbrush Symmetric Cut Trimming Tool For Men

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- It is fully transparent and allows to clearly see the hair underneath the tool while using it. This way there won't be any more room for mistakes.
- The proprietary and innovative design of this beard shaping tool gives the ability to draw Multiple beard styles such as a curve or Straight cheek lines, extra clean necklines, curve or straight goatee lines.
- The product features thin 1-millimetre edge. This innovative design allows shaping your beard lines more precisely and accurately than other shaping tools on the market. With this technology, trimmer or clipper is able to easily slide along the edges.


Color: transparent blue
Size: About 8.3*10cm
Weight: 65g
Material: PS material

Package Includes:

1 Set x Beard Shaper (5Pcs x Beard Shaping Tool)