Beard Growth Kit for Fast Beard Growth and Thickening Growth Activator Serum, Beard Roller, Beard Comb

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  • Beard growth set: specially developed for men's beards. With proper use, you will gain a thicker and longer beard for a more masculine and confident look.
  • Beard growth serum: helps to activate the hair and promote beard growth.
  • Micro needle rollers: needles with a diameter of 0.3 mm and 540 mm length change your beard growth. Stimulates sleeping follicles. Maximises serum intake.
  • Suitable gifts for men: this grooming kit comes with exquisite packaging, the perfect gift choice for a husband, boyfriend, father or grandfather.
  • Pure natural ingredients: our natural active ingredients have been selected for their strong effect, without compromising the safety of your skin. You can use it with confidence.


4 Pcs/set Barbe Beard Growth Kit Hair Growth Enhancer Set Beard Growth Essential Oil Facial Beard Care Set Best Gift for Men

[name]: beard growth kit [Specification]: Growth solution: 30ml, Disinfectant Spray: 15ml [Size]: 21.2*21*4.9cm [Gross weight]: 0.5kg [Efficacy]: Activator/serum, activate hair, promote beard growth, microneedle roller: maximally absorb serum and stimulate sleep hair follicles.


(1) After cleansing the face, disinfect the titanium alloy microneedle roller with disinfectant (spend the spray 10-15 cm from the microneedle roller, spray it 2-3 times evenly, let it dry for 20 seconds), then apply it to the area where the essence needs to be applied. Gently roll back and forth about 10 times.

(2) Apply the beard to the essence and massage until it is fully absorbed.

(3) Massage with a matching zinc alloy comb, and promote the absorption of epidermal blood and hair follicles at the same time, while modelling the beard.

【Precautions】: Precautions for microneedles:

1. There are wounds in the area to be treated, severe acne, acne attack, infection prevention and scar physique.

2, do the sun protection the next day after use 

3. Eat less irritating food when doing micro-needle 4, micro-needle special for people to avoid cross-infection.

Package Include:

Growth fluid*1 Disinfectant*1 Microneedle wheel*1 Comb*1