Beard Mustache Repair Shape Regrowth Pen Nourish Shaping Anti Hair Loss

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Bullet Point:
Easy to use: Easily define, style, and enhance the shape of eyebrows or beards and perfect contour appearance.
Natural appearance: The beard pencil is designed to repair all eyebrows or beard crevices so that the restored beard will have a natural and fresh appearance.
Double-headed design: Our eyebrow pencil has a light and soft brush, so you can easily contour at any time.
Waterproof and long-lasting: Water-proof, anti-fouling, and the anti-sweat formula lasts and stay confident throughout the day.
3 colors for option: The beard pen is available in 3 colors, which perfectly matches your natural hair color. The soft pencil is suitable for different types of beards and eyebrows, providing a professional experience.

Color: black, dark brown, light brown, three colors can be selected
Packing color box size: 14.5x2.5x1.5cm
Shelf life: three years

Packing list

1*Beard pen/1*Beard pen set