Professional hair clipper beard trimmer LCD digital display cordless haircut

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The black machine uses 18650 lithium batteries, and the body is slightly longer than the gold machine.

In order to keep the blade lubricated, after the machine is manufactured, some lubricant will be applied to the cutter head, please be aware.

All machines are brand new and original.


  • Zero distance oil head design
  • T type 0 cutter head ultra-short tooth pitch does not hurt the scalp, does not freeze, the hair is cut off at the touch, easy to clean, sharp and not rusty
  • Powerful motor surging power Strong power, stable and low noise, long service life, smooth and smooth hair clipping, no fear of soft and hard hair of various natures Metal aluminum tube appearance
  • Cylindrical body with a comfortable grip, light luxury diamond, vertical stripes, smooth texture, comfortable grip, stylish appearance

Product parameters:

  1. Power: 5W
  2. Battery:18500 lithium-ion battery
  3. Charging time: 2 hours
  4. Rated voltage: 5V Use
  5. time: 2 hours
  6. Charging method: Battery charging/USB direct charging Fine-tuning of dual-purpose
  7. cutter head: zero pitch adjustable
  8. Tool head type: acute-angle safety dense teeth
  9. Limit comb: 1.5/2/3/4mm Due to air transport restrictions
  10. liquids cannot be transported, so oil bottles are not included in the package, please be aware.

How to maintain lithium batteries?

 1. When you receive the machine, please charge the lithium battery or the machine first. Until the charger indicator is green.

2. Prevent excessive discharge, which will damage lithium. When the motor speed slows down, it indicates that the battery power is relatively low, and the battery should be charged as soon as possible. If you continue to use it, the lithium battery is likely to be scrapped.